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Maison Ifè

Country of Residence: Benin

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The security team was fantastic in helping with whatever issues arose, specifically Hospice! He helped me to get into Ifè, move my bags, and helped with obtaining transportation when necessary.

With regards to stay, room was adequate, however thermostat didn’t adjust which did affect comfort level of temperature in the room.

With regards to internet connection, it was not reliable nor consistent and only works in common areas which was not explained nor advertised as such. While not a huge issue, it certainly was an inconvenience not to be able to use electronic devices in my room.

With regards to breakfast I do feel it needs to be upgraded AND introduce more variety. Considering it is a guest house, toast daily shows significant lack of effort.

My overall feeling is neutral

Our clients enjoyed their stay at Maison Ife. The rooms were nice and clean and it was a restful haven after their adventure in Benin. We look forward to working with them in the future!

Shakeria R about listing La Suite LOGOZO - Cotonou, BENIN 4 years ago.