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Information about Wezon

How it works

How it works

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Wezon! So how do we work?

For Travelers

you can book our vetted services in three simple steps!

  • Browse and select the listing of your choice  with the help of our filters

  • Book a listing and wait for the host to approve

  • Once approved, payment goes through and your reservation is confirmed. You’re all set!

For Service Providers

You want to learn more and  become part of an organization that offers top notch accommodations in Africa? The process is the following.

  • Email us at info@wezon.co and tell us about the type of rental service you offer

  • We will send you a form where you can enter more specific details about your service

  • We will visit your property, car or check your experience as a tour guide to ensure that it meets our standards

  • You will create and account and upload your information and you are in business!

For all other inquiries - Jobs, Internships, Partnerships, Advertising and Promotion offers.

You can find us on on Instagram and Facebook @Wezon. We look forward to hearing back from you!

The Wezon team