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Information about Wezon

Terms of Service

Wezon terms of use

Wezon is an online collaborative platform that allows registered users (the " Members ") and certain third parties who offer services (Members and third parties who offer services are " Hosts" and services that they propose are " Host Services" to publish these Host Services on the Wezon Platform (the "Listings ") and to communicate and deal directly with Members who wish to reserve such Host Services (Members who use Host Services are "Travelers "). Host Services may include the following four categories:

  1. Renting accommodation for vacation or other use (the " Accommodation ")
  2. Rental of vehicles with or without driver for vacation or other use (Vehicles)
  3. Activities for one or more days offered by a tour guide (Guides)
  4. Meetings with Ambassadors (Ambassadors): Ambassadors are people who have expertise or in-depth knowledge in a specific area that Travelers also share interest in.


As the provider of the platform, Wezon does not create or sell any Service offered by the Host. Hosts are solely responsible for their Advertisements and Services offered. By accepting a reservation, the hosts conclude a contract directly with the travelers, of which Wezon does not form any part.

Wezon performs a verification to confirm the identity of its guests and the accuracy of the specifications of their property by carrying out physical inspections [1]. However, Wezon does not guarantee the truthfulness, the security or the legality of the Advertisements or Services of the Hosts. Wezon can act as an intermediary and guarantor of the rules of procedure of the Wezon platform in the resolution of disputes.

By using the Wezon Platform as a member, the quality of each with respect to Wezon is limited to that of a third-party contractor (hosts) and not of an employee, or associate of Wezon for any reason whatsoever. All act exclusively for their own benefit and solely for the benefit of Wezon.

Availability of the Platform

As the internet is unstable, Wezon cannot guarantee the continued availability and accessibility of our platform. Wezon may limit the availability of our Platform for maintenance reasons or for the security and integrity of our servers. Also new services or features can be added at any time.

Price of Services

Guests and Travelers agree to pay all Prices posted on Wezon. Hosts and Travelers are responsible for all booking changes they make to the Wezon Platform (the "Booking Changes"), and agree to pay for all posted Prices, Host Fees or Additional Traveler Fees and / or any Taxes associated with these Reservation Changes.


Travelers may cancel a confirmed reservation at any time. Subject to the terms of cancellation of the Advertisement, and Wezon will refund the amount of the total fees due to the Traveler in accordance with these cancellation conditions less Wezon's service charge which is not refundable and the fees cancellation of the host if necessary.

If a Host cancels a confirmed reservation, the Traveler will be fully reimbursed for the Total Fees paid for that reservation within a commercially reasonable time (Maximum 10 days) following the cancellation.

Respect and Non-Discrimination of Members of the Community

Wezon believes in respect and mutual tolerance of the members of his community (Travelers and Hosts) and common decency. At Wezon, we do not tolerate racial, ethnic, or sexual orientation or religion-based discrimination. We advocate respect, tolerance and inclusion above all else. Members have the right to choose who they want to book reservations with, but these decisions should not be based on discriminatory reasons.

Eligibility, Use of the Wezon Platform

●               You must be at least 18 years old and have the ability to contract to access the Wezon Platform, use it or create a Wezon Account.

●               You must enter accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and keep your Wezon Account information up-to-date.

●               Any false or inaccurate information during the creation of an account or during an update of your account which could harm another party would lead to a warning or ban of the member of the Wezon platform

●               You agree to establish all transactions / reservations, communications regarding payments through Wezon. Any attempt to bypass Wezon on the Traveler's side as well as the Guest's is strictly prohibited and should be reported to Wezon. There are many reasons why we ask our members to respect its rules:

○               Wezon is a startup that invests a lot of resources to ensure that we build a platform that facilitates travel in Africa and exchanges between Travelers and Hosts. We depend on the commissions collected to maintain Wezon operational or improved, pay for the promotion of our platform and pay our employees. Without the commission levy we cannot survive and our community that we have built together will be destroyed.

○               Any transactions made without the supervision of Wezon leave all parties concerned vulnerable and unprotected in any litigation or incident. In this case Wezon declines all responsibilities and cannot act as arbitrator and try to resolve a dispute between members.

Member verification

Verification of users on the Internet is difficult. Wezon may take steps to better identify members as having access to a piece of legal identification, access to a member's social network account but Wezon disclaims any responsibility for the confirmation of identity of any member. For the sake of transparency and for the purposes of fraud prevention, we may but are not required to ask Members to provide us with additional information, or to submit to other controls to verify the identity and background of Members

Creating an account

You must create an account to access and use certain features of the Wezon Platform, such as posting an ad or make a reservation. If you create an account for a corporation or other legal person, you certify that you have the power to legally bind this legal person and to grant us all the authorizations and licenses provided for by these terms. Creating an account requires that you provide an email and a password, or you can use your Facebook account.

Service Fees

Wezon charges Service fees to Hosts and to Travelers for using our Platform. The Service Fees charged to Travelers is not refundable upon cancellation by the traveler.

[1] All references to a "verified" Member or "verified" services (or any similar term) mean only that the Member has undergone an appropriate verification or identification procedure, or that with respect to services offered means only that a physical inspection of the goods / services took place and nothing else.