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The Artsy Route in Cocody, Abidjan, COTE D'IVOIRE

When visiting Abidjan, Cocody is one of the neighborhood that must be discovered. It’s known to be a central, popular, residential neighborhood in Abidjan. It is also thanks to the commune of Cocody where one can see a part of the Ebrié lagoon that Abidjan bears the pseudo “Pearl of the Lagoons”. But beyond this well-established legend, the commune of Cocody is one of the first where art galleries are born and established. Passionate about the booming art market in Cocody, your arty guide therefore offers you a foray into this cocoon, just to enrich this magnificent city: Cocody

Duration: 6H

What are we doing?

Le Manawa Café

Located on Riviera 3 in the commune of Cocody, this is a cozy place where you and your Arty guide meet. Around a coffee, we'll have out meet and greet where I will get a good feel for how to organize the days based on your preferences.
As we say in Cote d'Ivoire, Akwaba!

The Cocody Market (From 12H to 13H)
This is a market that interests us because it offers you the opportunity to meet craftsmen. It would also be the place to buy beautiful souvenirs from the Ivory Coast but above all to negotiate as any good Ivorian would do. Traditional outfits, jewelry, sculptures, an enriching taste of what the town of Cocody can offer.

Space 331 (l

If you come to Abidjan without tasting the local food, you have missed everything. To allow you to fully enjoy your artsy stroll, your taste buds will be stimulated. After a few bites, you will get to critic our culinary art.
At space 331, you will discover the sweetness and generosity of Ivorian cuisine.

(Possibility of going to Chef Loic Dablé's Panaf for Ivorian cuisine, refined and high-end version)

The Louisimone Guirandou gallery

The Louisimone Guirandou gallery is a space in Abidjan where you can relax but above all to discover works by Ivorian and foreign artists. It is the property of an art historian, Madame Guirandou, who could be nicknamed “Nice Art Granny”. Any great collector or even art lover would be at ease.

The Cécile Fakhoury gallery

Since 2012, Madame Cécile Fakhoury has decided to believe in the art market in Côte d'Ivoire. She represents 15 artists whom she positions both nationally and internationally
Aboudia, Jems Koko Bi, Yeanzi, sure values ​​of Ivorian art that you can discover in this institution

The workshop

Saliou is a Beninese artist living in Ivory Coast. He makes assemblies of used pans which position him as a particular sculptor. Saliou lives in an unfinished building, although well laid out and warm in the village of Anono in Cocody. You will get a full immersion in the world of the artist.

Taste it at Bazaar

Bazaar, the new “place to be” in Abidjan. The place is located in the old Club House. Le Bazaar is the place where creative people from Abidjan meet in a relaxed, friendly and chill atmosphere. It was set up by the creators of La Sunday (moments of celebration on Sundays with a DJ atmosphere)

Costs to consider:


From home to Manawa Café: 2500
From Manawa Café to Cocody market: 3500
From Cocody market to space 331: 1500
From space 331 to Louisimone Guirandou Gallery: 1000
Lsgg to GCF 1000
From GCF to visit the artist: 3500
From the artist's place in Bazaar: 3500
Total: 16.500FCFA / $ 30

Lunch/Dinner Options

Café Manawa: 5000 / pers
Cocody market: Optional (Depends on the person)
Espace 331 (Lunch): 15000 / pers
Bazaar: 5000 / pers

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Listing Date: Jan 6, 2020
Country: Cote D'Ivoire
City: Abidjan

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