Ciku K

I am a Kenyan author "Of goats and poisoned oranges", communication consultant (in international development issues), adventurer and travel blogger ( I write both fiction and non-fiction focusing on African stories that need telling. I have worked on diverse pieces including a personal piece on the challenges of traveling in Africa for Africans, challenges of traveling anywhere really as a passport-undesirable, a piece on the evolution of 14th century Senegalese wrestling etc. I have travelled to 48 countries – 16 of them in Africa. 148 countries to go and 63 territories! I speak English, Swahili, German, French and Kikuyu.

I studied Finance and Urban Planning at MIT but proceeded to work in everything other than what I studied. It’s been a fun ride. After graduation in 2009, I worked as a strategy consultant in development issues in my hometown of Nairobi before accidentally writing my first novel. I then spent a few years in the festivals circuit meeting other amazing African writers, readers, selling books and having the most amazing conversations in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Somaliland and Bangladesh. My dream of writing and traveling had come true. I eventually took a break from festivals to focus on finishing my second novel and to build out my new life as a freelancer. In this time, I moved from Nairobi to Dakar, Senegal, while still working at the same consulting firm I joined straight from my undergraduate studies, but this time as the Africa Communication Manager – a part time role. I live with my two cats and they also agree that Dakar is a magical city.

Living life - enjoying the beaches, the clubs, the adventures and the people - are delaying the release of my second novel, but I’m considering this a natural part of my writing process. I am now fully transitioning to only freelance work and I’m excited for what the future holds – including editing and publishing my second novel.

My passion for traveling and writing grows stronger every day. In 2014, I backpacked alone through Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. I almost never left Salvador de Bahia, a place I only knew about because of falling in love with Angelique Kidjo's song "Bahia" in 2002. In 2016 I also backpacked a bit through West Africa. My life in Dakar is really lovely – filled with lots of friends, fun in the sun, adventures and never-ending discoveries.

I’m always happy to meet new people coming to Dakar who share similar interests to mine as in my 2+ years in Dakar, I have benefitted from a wide network of really great people across different sectors – fashion, development work, artists across various fields etc., and I’m always happy to connect people who I think might benefit from knowing each other. I am your ideal ambassador if you’re trying to get a good feel of the city, looking for recommendations on people to meet, places to see or if you want to pick my brain on any area I’m knowledgeable about. If you’re also just looking to know what is so magical about this city – perhaps dancing to live music at the beach during a Sunday afternoon might be just what you need! I’m happy to craft the experience based on what area interests you.

Country of Residence: Senegal

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